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How to prepare your ski gear for summer

  • 00:21 Skis | Step 1: Clean the bases
  • 01:12 Skis | Step 2: Wax the bases
  • 02:43 Bindings | Step 1: Clean the bindings
  • 02:56 Bindings | Step 2: Grease the bindings
  • 03:44 Bindings | Step 3: Tighten the bindings to the skis
  • 04:28 Bindings | Step 4: Loosen the dins
  • 05:00 Skis & Bindings | Step 5: Store the skis somewhere cool and dry
  • 06:00 Boots | Step 1: Remove & dry the inners
  • 06:21 Boots | Step 2: Tighten all the screws
  • 07:45 Boots | Step 3: Buckle the boots for storage
  • 08:25 Gloves: Use fat or balm
  • 09:00 Outerwear | Step 1: Check whether your outerwear needs washing
  • 09:38 Outerwear | Step 2: Close zips and turn inside out
  • 09:58 Outerwear | Step 3: Follow was directions on product labels

Spring is here, like it or not and that means for most of us its time to hang up our boots and give our skis a rest until next winter. But before you put your ski gear away for summer and wheel out that bike, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your gear is prepped and ready to go for next winter. Then when that first snowfall settles you can be one of the first to be out in line for a chair. Not only that but these steps will ensure that your gear remains in the best condition and doesn't deteriorate, or succumb to rust over the summer.

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