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How to 360 on skis | an intermediate skiers progression

In this ski tutorial, I teach Nico how to 360 on skis during his second Stomp It Camp. We start out warming up by practicing how to pop, how to 180, and 360 while standing still. Then we put the skis on and show you how to jump on skis followed by some 180s and 360s. Along the way we see some common mistakes skiers do when attempting 360s. Come here and learn together with us at our Freestyle, Freeride or Technique Camps: https://stompittutorials.com/camps/

More videos about how to 360 on skis:
How to 360 on skis https://youtu.be/9rx769ZQVhw
Beginners questions about 360s answered: https://youtu.be/M4oeu_88cz0

00:00 Intro
00:23 Step 1: How to pop on skis
01:09 Step 1: How to pop 180s + 360s standing still
02:22 Step 3: How to jump on skis
02:51 Step 4 | How to 180 on skis
05:26 Quick tips | How to 360 on skis
06:22 Step 5 | 360 on skis

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