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In this video, you get to tag along with Jens as Josh as they go head to head in 3 ski challenges. In the first challenge, they get to go carving and try to get as high edge angles as possible on increasingly difficult slopes. In the second challenge, they compete on who does the best turns and lastly who can make the most number of short turns in 30 seconds. In-between all challenges Josh and Jens give some tips on how to increase your edge angle, ski better and lastly how to do quicker short turns.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 1.1 Edge angle | Blue run
00:54 Jens run
01:26 Josh run
02:19 Tip 1: How to get bigger edge angles
02:43 1.2 Edge angle | Red Bumpy slope | Josh Run
03:03 Jens Run
03:49 Tip 2: Speed helps
04:06 1.3 Edge angle | In Powder | Jens Run
04:56 Josh Run
06:20 Tip 3: Powder and Edge angle
06:53 2.1 Best turns (Ski-IQ) | Blue Slope | Josh Run
07:35 Jens Run
09:21 2.2 Best turns (Ski-IQ) | Bumpy Red Slope | Jens Run
09:47 Josh Run
11:15 2.3 Best turns (Ski-IQ) | In Powder | Jens Run
11:57 Josh Run
12:52 Tip 4: Keep your skis on the ground
13:37 3.1 Quick Short Turns | Blue Slope |    
14:04 Jens Run
14:40 Josh Run
15:30 3.2 Quick Short Turns | Moguls | Jens Run
16:12 Josh Run
16:56 Tip 5: Do quicker short turns
17:57  3.3 Quick Short Turns | In Powder | Josh Run     
18:36 Jens Run
19:32 Tip 6: Increase vertical movement in powder

North America 🇺🇸 🇨🇦
S9 Slalom Ski: http://bit.ly/North-America-Atomic-S9
BOOT http://bit.ly/North-America-Hawx-Ultra-130
POLE http://bit.ly/North-America-Backland-Pole
HELMET http://bit.ly/North-America-Four-Amid-Helmet
GOGGLES http://bit.ly/North-America-Atomic-Revent

My ski gear: Europe 🇪🇺
SKI http://bit.ly/EU-Bent-Chetler100
BOOT http://bit.ly/EU-Hawx-ski-boot
BINDING http://bit.ly/EU-STH-16-BINDING
POLE http://bit.ly/EU-Backland-FR-pole
HELMET http://bit.ly/EU-Amid-Helmet
GOGGLES http://bit.ly/EU-Revent-Goggles

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