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Autumn Camp 1 ( 2020 Dates not set!)
Autumn Camp 2 ( 2020 Dates not set!)

This autumn/fall camp dates are not yet set!
At Stomp It Camps beginner to intermediate skiers
older than 18 can come and shred with
us and learn a bunch of new tricks

CAMP 1: November 2020 CAMP 2: Novemeber 2020
Prerequisites. You only need to know how to ski any slope with confidence using parallel turns in order to join. You can, of course, be much more experienced than that to join the camp.

At the last few camps, most participants have been between 25-48 years old and stoked to learn!


What will we do during the camp?:

5 full days of coaching on skis, trampolines:

A day can look like this:
- 07:00 Breakfast
- 09:00 Skiing
- 12:00 Lunch
- 13:00 Ski
- 16:00 Trampoline session
- 18:00 Chilling and Dinner

It is exhausting to learn this much so we take 2 afternoons off from the trampolines and hit the Sauna and Spa instead.

What tricks do you want to stomp?

We aim to teach every participant as much as possible:

- 180°
- 360°
- Confidently slide most boxes
- Maybe 270´s on and off Boxes
- Switch tricks
- Silly, fun and useful tricks like ollies and butters.

What are your goals at the camp?

Where will we stay?


- We will all stay at Happy Stubai ★★★★
- Breakfast included
- Dinner included
- Ski Monday - Friday
- Share a room with another guest with the same gender. (single room if available possible at extra charge)
- Check in on Sunday
- Check out on Saturday

How can I get to Stubai?

This is how you get to Happy Stubai:

- Arrive on Sunday, ideally in the afternoon or evening. Try not to miss dinner.
- Option A: Fly to Innsbruck, Austria
- Option B: Fly to Munich, Germany and hop on a FLIX BUS to Innsbruck
- By car type in Happy Stubai in the GPS and start driving
- Email me if you got some problems getting from Innsbruck to the hotel.

Looking forward to seeing you here!

Are you ready to take your skiing to the next level?
- 5 Full days coaching
- Video analysis
- 2 Trampoline sessions
- 6 nights accommodation
- Breakfast
- Dinner
- Lift ticket for 5 days of skiing

- CAMP 1: November 2020
- CAMP 2: November 2020

- Write me an email at jens@stompittutorials.com if you got some food preferences questions

- Pay using your favorite debit or credit card or email me if you want to pay with a bank transfer.

- To join the camp you should be able to do parallel turns and ski down any slope with confidence. Most participants are between 25-40 years old.

- Beginner & Intermediate Tutorial Pack

Instant access:
As soon as the payment is done you can stream all the videos at www.stompittutorials.com/tutorials

Terms & Conditions

Looking forward to see you at the Camp!
Still not sure? Ask me anything at: info@stompittutorials.com
Autumn Camp 1 ( Fully booked!)
Autumn Camp 2 ( Fully booked!)