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Step by step learn to hit jumps, do grabs, stomp 180s / 360s and get rowdy on them boxes and rails. Join a camp and learn the foundations of freestyle skiing.

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2021 Autumn Freestyle Camp 1 | September 12th-18th
2021 Autumn Freestyle Camp 2 | September 19th-25th

Focus on your ski technique for a week, improve your short, long turns, get a taste for bumbs and get to try your first tricks in the park.

Next Camp

2021 Autumn Ski Camp 1 | Mid November
2021 Autumn Ski Camp 2 | Late November
2021 Autumn Ski Camp 3 | December

Due to a stressful autumn, I decided to cancel the freeride plans and focus on the other two types of camps.

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  • I joined the Stomp it freestyle camp and had an awesome week like all other participants.

    But I really want to...
    read more

    Uwe Schulze Avatar
    Uwe Schulze

    I had a great week and learned so much in a short time at the Stomp it freestyle camp. Will... read more

    Chelsea Avatar

    If you’re thinking about booking the camp, stop thinking and book it now! Over the last couple of years I’ve... read more

    Gareth Dix Avatar
    Gareth Dix
  • The camp was excellent. Because of COVID, we couldn't do trampolines and indoor exercises. But even so, by the end... read more

    Catalin Costache Avatar
    Catalin Costache

    Great week skiing with coach Lukas! I learned 360s and rail slides, very happy with the progress.

    Jolyon Winter Avatar
    Jolyon Winter

    The ski technique camp with Stomp It Tutorial was probably the best sportive training experience I had since many years.... read more

    Arash Salarian Avatar
    Arash Salarian
  • Brilliant experience. Great group fab teachers...I had the Man himself Jens, encouraging l, positive coaching and an amazing skier. ... read more

    Will Nicol Avatar
    Will Nicol

    Jens has got some mad skills and is a chill guy. I had fun at his camp and would go... read more

    Pepijn Avatar

    Jens is an amazing teacher.

    I was able to attend the camp in Jan of 2020 and had the most fun...
    read more

    Darien Ford Avatar
    Darien Ford
  • I have to warn that if you ever try one of the Stomp It Ski Camps you will get hooked.... read more

    Jorge Ferreira Avatar
    Jorge Ferreira

    If you're thinking about going....do it! It's an amazing experience. For me, really a once in a lifetime... read more

    Rob Arrington Avatar
    Rob Arrington

    The output after the camp was higher than I had expected ! Jens and his team definitely know how... read more

    alex xw Avatar
    alex xw
  • Best coach ever! Not only will u learn and understand new tricks, but have a fantastic - besides ski... read more

    Sergio Georgiou Avatar
    Sergio Georgiou

    Great personal coaching throughout the camp week catered toward your own progression in freestyle skiing. The resort (LAAX) where the... read more

    Kevin M Avatar
    Kevin M

    Stomp It camp was an awesome week of skiing and just generally an awesome week. Learnt a bunch of tricks... read more

    RockSnowAndSkate Avatar