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FREERIDE CAMPS ON HOLD ( Soon for sale!)

Join a Freeride Camp and push your powder skiing to the next level!

Freeride Camps
Learning step by step
In everything we do we try to teach you the trick or technique with small incremental steps. This way you will be less scared and take fewer risks. In the end, this will lead to having more fun and learning more!


What does a camp look like?

5 days of guiding and coaching:

The schedule is not yet set in stone how ever these is what we strive to do.
- Teach you avalanche safety skills
- Powder short turns
- Powder long turns
- Slashing stuff
- Dropping stuff
- Ski touring skills
- Priorities come in this order. Firstly stay safe on the mountain, second how to ski better, third how to spice up your freeride skiing with some tricks.

What will we do during the camp?:

5 full days of coaching:

A day can look like this:
- 08:00 Breakfast
- 09:30-15:30 Skiing the 3 different parks
- 16:00-18:00 Trampoline training
- 19:00 Dinner
- 20:30 Video analysis
To have a chance to recover we take it a bit easier on skis and skip the trampolines on the third day.

What do you want to learn during a camp?

First ever Stomp It Freeride Camp

- Thanks to the fact its our first year doing a freeride camp we welcome any suggestions on what you hope to learn.

Where will we stay?


- Location is undecided im deciding inbetween, Laax, Lenzerheid and Chamonix
- The hotel will be rather as usual at our camps.
- 3 Course dinner included
- 5 Day lift ticket
- Ski Monday - Friday
- Check in on Sunday late afternoon
- Check out on Saturday morning

Where will we stay?


- We will all stay at Hotel Vorab
- Breakfast buffet
- 3 Course dinner included
- Ski Monday - Friday
- Check in on Sunday late afternoon
- Check out on Saturday morning

How can I get to the camp?

How to get here:

Travel directions:
- Travel info coming soon!

Looking forward to see you here!

Step by Step deeper into the mountains
- Price not set yet
- 5 days of coaching
- 5 days of mountain guiding
- 5 days of lift tickets
- 6 nights accommodation (Shared room with another camper)
- Breakfast
- 3 Course dinner
- Video analysis

We hope to make a camp that´s inspired by our freeride tutorials:
Freeride tutorial playlist

- Write me an email at camps@stompittutorials.com if you got some food preferences questions

- Use your favorite debit or credit card

- You must be able to ski boot deep powder with short and long turns at 35°-40° slopes!

- Beginner & Intermediate Tutorial Pack
As soon as the payment is done you can stream all the videos at www.stompittutorials.com/tutorials

Terms & Conditions

Still not sure? Ask me anything at: camps@stompittutorials.com