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At Stomp It Camps you as a “grown up” >18y get to
shredd with us and learn a bunch of new tricks
thanks to awesome coaching in the best
freestyle resort in the world
STOMP IT CAMPS - 5th of March - 11th of March 2017
In our camps we teach you how to do a whole bunch of different techniques and tricks. We use the same learning method as in our beginner and intermediate pack but in real life.
We combine indoor trampoline/snowflex to airbag training with jumping with skis into powder then park jumps to teach you as much as possible in our camp.

WHAT TO EXPECT - 5th of March - 11th of March 2017

What will we do during the camp?:

5 full days of coaching on skis, tramps and airbags:

A day can look like this:
- 08:00 Breakfast
- 09:00-16:00 Skiing the 3 different parks
- 17:00 Food or Apres ski
- 19:00 Indoor training or chill time

Schedule is flexible depending on what you want to do

What tricks do you want to stomp?

We aim to teach every participant their first:

- 180´s, 360´s & 540´s
- Up to 540´s with grabs
- Confidently slide most rails or boxes
- 270´s on and off Boxes and Rails
- Switch 360´s
- Frontflip / Backflip

What are your own goals are with the camp?

Where will we stay?


- Participants will all be staying at the Riders Palace
- 3 course dinner in different restaurants
- Solid breakfast
- 100 meters from Freestyle academy
- 250 meters from the ski lift
- 0 meters to party

How can I get to LAAX?

This is how you get here:

- Arrive on Sunday afternoon or night! Training starts Monday morning
- Fly to Zürich and take the train to Chur then the buss to Laax, Murschetg
- I use google maps to find trains and busses but www.sbb.ch works well too
- Type in Laax, Murschetg in your GPS and start driving

Looking forward to see you here!

Be a part of the first skiers to ever
stomp a ton of tricks at our own camp!
What´s included:
- 5 Full days coaching by Jens
- Video analysis
- Trampoline training
- Air bag training
- 6 nights at RidersPalace
- Breakfast
- 3 course dinner
- Lift ticket for 5 days of skiing
- Access to Freestyle Academy every day

- Beginner & Intermediate Tutorial Pack
Instant access:
As soon as the payment is done you can stream all the videos at www.stompittutorials.com/tutorials

Terms & Conditions

Looking forward to see you in Laax 5th of March - 11th of March 2017!
Still not sure? Ask me anything at: jens@stompittutorials.com